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What's with the hieroglyphics on our hoodies?

The best part of being a local small business is getting to know your regular customers. At Welbeze, we prioritize building great relationships with our community, whether it's our neighbors, our customers, or our employees. Those who come in often may already know this- we always greet you with a smile and sometimes we even know your order without asking! You know at Welbeze that when we ask how you're doing, we really want to know.

A few months ago, we were thinking about getting new shirts and hoodies for staff and customers, but we wanted them to be new and exciting! What better to do than to ask our regular customers what they would love to se

e from us. One person in particular offered an idea that we couldn't get out of our heads.

Ryan Lippe has been coming to Welbeze since we opened in 2014. We always knew his order-an Ethiopian coffee-and looked forward to catching up with Ryan in the mornings. One day, we got to chatting and discovered that Ryan has a degree in ancient languages, and that he travels the world going to digs and learning about different cultures. When we asked for his opinion on our new shirts, he told us about how he'd always wanted to see hieroglyphics on the back of a t-shirt. The more we talked, the more we realized that much of our ideas of health and wellness come from ancient cultures. So our new idea was born! Hieroglyphs that show what Welbeze is all about-health, wellness, and worldly experiences.

Ryan taught us that there are many ways to describe health in ancient hieroglyphics-hence our hoodies: life, prosperity, health! The back of our crew neck is more specific, spelling out "A Lovely Cafe" in ancient Hebrew. Together, these two ideas- life, prosperity, health, and a lovely cafe- describe exactly what Welbeze is!

If you'd like to be a part of the story of Welbeze, society, and the history of wellness, our hoodies are for sale now! We're currently offering a promotion: a FREE $10 gift card with the purchase of any branded clothing!

Come in our store soon to hear more about this story and get your own hoodie, or get one as a holiday gift for the health lover in your life.

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