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About Us!

We are Buffalo People

We are Buffalo people who want to offer a quality fast-casual dining experience to our community.

Everyone here enjoys making healthy, nutritious food and drinks from the freshest ingredients and we thrive when our customers are happy.  We all want you to feel that our products are deliciously worth every bite and every sip!

We look forward to having you stop in at either of our two locations and try one of our delicious options today! 


Juice Daily!



The best way to fight off illness and stay healthy is to eat well and exercise.  Many people looking to loose weight and gain muscle tend to focus on reducing carbs and increasing the amount of protein they eat. While that is OK, getting the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is such an important facet to your health, and often gets overlooked.

One way to fix this is by juicing.  (i.e. to drink your fruits and vegetables)  Juicing is an easier, more convenient way for you to consume all the raw, alive, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micro-nutrients!

Cold-pressed juice is said to be healthier because of the way it is made.  By squeezing the juice (rather than extracting it via a spinning screen like most household juicers)  the amount of  oxidation and heat introduced is minimized.  Thus reducing the number of live enzymes that are destroyed while retaining more of the ingredient's natural nutrients.

Our processes, recipes and expertise enable us to produced the most delicious and healthiest juice in WNY! 


Welbeze Rewards$

Earn Points with Every Purchase!

Become a Welbeze Juice + Eatery Rewards member, and earn points every time you shop with us.  Every dollar you spend earns you 1 point, and every 100 points gets you a $5 reward off your purchase!

Not a Member?  Just ask about our rewards program the next time you stop in.  Just give us your name and phone number and start collecting your points.  It's all electronic, no punch cards, that you're going to loose anyway, not even another plastic card for your key ring.  Your points are calculated automatically with each purchase, when you hit 100 points -- $5 off!  It's that easy. 

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